I had no idea how helpful meditation could actually be in my every day life. I had no idea how it could actually help me post concussion from my car accident to help me relax and give myself time for me to de-stress and just to have quiet time. I think what I loved most about it was the fact that Louisa never pushed anything on me, she left it up to me to learn, absorb and do, which made me actually want to do the exercises and not just once but regularly and make it something that became a part of my every day life. I felt like sessions with her were just like being with a friend who I could hang out with and be quiet with at the same time and not be awkward, how funny is that?

I truly, truly, truly enjoyed my sessions with her, not just because of what she taught me but just being in a space with her and having conversations with her, she’s such a genuinely great person who truly cares about people around her and you can feel that when you’re in your space. Thank you so much Louisa!
— Antonietta M.
I discovered the Mindfullness program through the Pain and Wellness Centre, and I am so grateful for their integrative approach! Chronic pain is difficult to deal with and not easy to treat -there are only so many medications one is willing to try and they often don’t alleviate pain.

As an integral part of my pain management program, Louisa taught me that, through mindfulness and meditation, we are able to influence our body mind connection. It is amazing how being mindful can influence one’s perception of pain and help to deal with the emotions that are often tied to it.

Louisa’s one on one sessions and her mindfulness classes are positive and productive. There is a feeling of caring, compassion and never any judgment. Louisa creates a calm and confidential environment in which you feel safe and comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings. She shows a genuine concern for each participant and thoughtfully makes accommodations and modifications when necessary.

Meditation is something I have always been interested in but seemed to have trouble practicing. Having a patient and kind mentor like Louisa, I am finally able to get on track and build skills necessary to help me stay focused and positive. She is a beautiful soul and I am blessed to have her support and guidance.
— Lori M.
My journey to fully arrive in Louisa’s class is 13 years old. Referred to take a “mindfulness” crouse it took me hitting rock bottom (almost) to finally reach out. I couldn’t have asked for a more compassionate, knowledgeable teacher than Louisa. Her passion for teaching resulted in a transformation in my life. Each day finding time for my practice, self-care, and slowly but steadily achieving present moment awareness! Thoughtful, an expert in mindfulness and a true “gem” of a person. Thank you . I have the tools I need to continue on my journey in a more positive way.
— Daniela D.
Thanks to Louisa, Mindfulness Meditation has now become a daily part of my life. I use Mindfulness not only for my chronic pain but also to ease my stress. Louisa has such a calm presence about her and made everyone in the class feel at ease and in a safe environment from the very first session. Each class began and ended with meditation so we had lots of practice so that we would all feel comfortable doing it at home on our own. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone suffering from chronic pain as it does indeed lessen the severity and brings more calm and peace to your life. Thank you Louisa for being such an excellent teacher.
— Diane G.
When I first walked into to Louisa’s office I was lost. I was in chronic pain for years. My long term relationship had just ended, and with this Ending I had also lost my home, my step kids, my work, my car. It was sudden and unexpected and I was in shock. My physical pain was worse because of my emotional pain.
Right away I felt comfortable in the soothing environment she had created. Louisa was welcoming, relaxed, open and I suddenly I felt like I could breathe again but I knew I had a tough road ahead. It wasn’t just my physical pains I had to conquer.
With Louisa’s expert guidance and support I started on my life long journey on living mindfully. Every week we discussed a chapter in the book about mindfulness and she showed me how to practice a different mediation, discussing in detail its benefits and even its difficulties. Soon I started feeling like I was visiting with a friend! We talked not only about the practice of mindfulness and how it was helping me deal with my chronic pain but also how the practice was helping me cope with my emotions. We discussed my accomplishments and my set backs, and how I could deal with these with no judgement.
As I got more confident in my practice I came to realize that I was using the techniques throughout my day automatically! And that it was helping me relax and deal with my pains!
I have become a life time student of mindfulness thanks to the lovely Louisa!
— Lucia C.
I had no idea how incredible of a program it was until I took it. Give yourself that chance.

I was convinced that I had tried everything for my condition, and because I had failed, then nothing else could possibly help. After completing the Mindfulness program, I realized how wrong that thinking was.

The best investment I’ve made in my overall health this past decade. Truly transformational.
— Michael F.
Louisa is an amazing teacher not only because she is calm and patient but also reliable. She’s very down to earth and an understanding individual. She has opened my eyes to unimaginable things in my life and has taught me tools to carry on. You provided comfort, support, insight, someone to talk to and someone to confide in. But most importantly she brought light to many questions I needed answered and has helped put VALUE in my life.

Louisa provided comfort, support and provided an environment to speak our truth and I am truly appreciative and grateful for the work she does.
— Mia O.

Louisa is a wonderful mindfulness meditation teacher, who has great compassion for her students, and communicates her strong belief in the transforming power of meditation. Her guidance continues to help me on a daily basis and I have become an advocate of using mediation to deal with the challenges of everyday life.
— Pat M.
Louisa is a very compassionate, heartfelt listener and facilitator. She taps into her lessons using her own experiences, she’s not shy in sharing what she’s gone through which puts you at ease.
— Patricia F.
Taking the mindfulness course was one of the best investments I have ever made when it came to my health. I was blown away from what I was learning. Having the understanding on how my pain functioned and what caused it to become amplified was incredible. I now can recognize when my pain is increasing on any given day and know WHY; something that brought a sense of calm to my mind! I also now have the tools to not only recognize when the pain is rising but know what to do to stop it from escalating too high; or if it does get unbearable, I know what to do to help bring it down a notch or two. Truly, priceless!
— Jonie M.
My experience with the mindfulness course enabled me to cope with my chronic pain and gave me strategies that I could apply in my everyday life. Louisa is an excellent mentor , her approach stems from a place of empathy for her students. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn how to manage their pain.
— Manuela D.
Louisa was an excellent guide on this beginner’s journey toward mindfulness. Classes were clear and concepts communicated well, and most of what she described truly resonated with me on a deep level. The meditations are a welcome experience that bring a sense of calm and inner peace. I hope to incorporate this into my daily routine after course completion.

Anyone can benefit from this practice and I would recommend the course and her guidance to friends and loved ones.
— Adena G.
Louisa was always encouraging and always engaged with the participants. I found her to be very knowledgeable and always able to share “everyday situations” to help us understand new concepts. Very open to questions and concerns and able to help you through any struggle that was experienced. Highly recommend this course.
— Maria C.
Louisa was well organized and was an effective teacher who demonstrated compassion and was gentle in her approach. She is very knowledgeable in what she teaches and I would recommend her as a mindfulness teacher for anyone who wished to learn more about this practice.
— Mima G.
Taking a mindfulness course with Louisa was one of the best decisions I have ever made. (If you want to use this for chronic pain management: It helped me to manage my chronic pain and adopting this practice has greatly improved my life in general. Since taking the course last year, I practice formal meditation and incorporate mindfulness into my life every day. Learning this practice has made me happier and healthier. Louisa is an amazing mindfulness teacher; she is understanding, caring and passionate. Thank you Louisa!

— Stephanie S.